Stroke Master soft touch backboard Ready to Play?


Now you can practice tennis anytime without having to find a partner. Practice in your driveway with the StrokeMaster Soft Touch Backboard.

Better Than A Conventional Backboard

Go ahead, hit as hard as you can. With a conventional backboard, if you hit hard the ball bounces away. Not the StrokeMaster Backboard! Slam away as hard as you like and the ball still comes back nice and easy. Then you can drill the ball again!

Other advantages include:

  • Sets up in your driveway or your yard next to the driveway, or even in your garage or basement.

  • A layer of foam decreases the rebound and makes rallies longer.

  • The unique design makes it portable, lightweight, and whisper quiet.

  • Saves your garage door.

  • The foam facilitates long rallies and makes it easy to practice the same stroke over and over.

  • The long rallies make for great exercise.

  • Improves your game. Great tennis practice.

  • Much less expensive than conventional backboards.

  • More fun than conventional backboards.

  • Can play anytime - no need to drive to a court or wait for a partner.

  • Has a very durable, sturdy construction.

  • Comes with a waterproof rain cover.

  • Costs thousands less than conventional backboards.

The StrokeMaster Backboard Super Guarantee

The StrokeMaster Backboard Super Guarantee

Guaranteed to be the quietest backboard on the market - by far. And we are so confident you will love it, if you do not love it for any reason, just return it within 30 days and we will refund your money.

Video Demonstration

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Tennis Pros Love The Quality

"The StrokeMaster Backboard has been an outstanding addition to my tennis shop. The backboard enables you to hit as hard as you want in a 15-20 foot area which is great for demoing racquets. It's also a great workout and is excellent for improving your consistency. I even give some mini lessons in my shop with the aid of the StrokeMaster. The quality is fantastic, and it is a valuable and versatile tennis training tool."

Tom Avery
Author of: Consistent Tennis Wins DVD Series
Founder of AVERY Racquets

Customers Love The Fun

"We use the StrokeMaster Soft Touch Backboard to practice every stroke - serve, groundstrokes, and volleys. I use it and my children use it. I really like that it is portable. Another nice thing is that you can use it in a smaller space than a typical backboard. It only took me about two hours to put together."

Michael Fodor, Somerset, Michigan

Deluxe Tennis Backboard


Tennis Backboard complete and ready to assemble. Includes sturdy steel frame and legs, plastic backing layer, stainless steel connectors, foam, fabric cover, lower net, and vinyl rain cover.

Upper Net Kit


Designed to catch balls above the backboard. The Upper Net Kit includes an upper net, poles to hold the net, and hardware connectors to connect the net poles to the backboard.

Shorter Rebound Cover


Designed to decrease the distance the ball rebounds for use in more confined spaces. The Shorter Rebound Cover is a fabric cover to be placed over the backboard that decreases the rebound by about 3 feet.